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Our Vision

Our team of funeral directors in Melbourne are proud of the fact that we are consistently recommended by the families
that we have helped over the years in honouring a person’s life. It is truly a great
honour to work within this industry and help families in Melbourne to create a
tribute that really does Honour, Celebrate and pay Tribute to a life lived.



We are independent funeral directors in Melbourne and always strive for consistency when we plan and conduct funerals and deal with our client’s families. Our high standards will be delivered across all families.

A funeral service is unlike any other event. It is a personal retrospective distilled into a singular tribute, a crescendo capturing the passions and triumphs of a unique individual. At Gardenia Funeral Home – we’ve been celebrating lives with extraordinary tributes.

It’s how remarkable people prefer to be remembered.


We are here to ensure that your wishes are honoured and your unique story is told in a remarkable tribute.  Gardenia Funeral Home has been known for excellence and is dedicated to providing our client families with the highest quality funerals, exceptional service and premier hospitality.

From small intimate gatherings to magnificent and elaborate events, our attention to every detail and your family is paramount.

Our talented team of event specialists will ensure full collaboration and ensure your vision is realised. Our renowned expertise in event planning and seamless execution allows our families to relax and focus on what is important, family.

We avail our families to premier venues and ensure each family is supported while selecting the perfect setting. All of which allow us to accommodate everything from an intimate gathering to a dynamic guest list with equal grace.


We are dependable, not only for the service we provide but also for how we carefully manage the relationships we develop. We believe reliability is key to building trust.

We believe that everyone should go out on a high note, whether that means with soulful ballads or noteworthy champagne. Whatever your final wishes entail, if you make them known in advance, we’ll see that they are carried out brilliantly. We’ve arranged horse-drawn carriages, displays of personal art collections and river cruises. We live only once. All the more reason a memorial service should be extraordinary.

Our experts will see to it that your final tribute is flawlessly carried out, just as you envisioned.

To create a personalised memorial plan, with Gardenia Funeral Home, please call us on

(03) 9329 4024 


Honesty has a simple definition; the act of being honest. So along with every step of planning and conducting a funeral for our client families, we will be honest. For us ‘honesty is the best policy’. It involves telling the truth at all times, even if it doesn’t benefit you. Honesty is one of our key values and it is extremely important to our success.


Losing a loved one is a deeply personal chapter in life. The professionals at Gardenia Funeral Home. Our experienced independent funeral directors in Melbourne represents the most knowledgeable in our profession. This means that you and your family can expect to be taken care of expertly and compassionately by leaders in their field. No detail is too small, no request is out of reach.

For immediate assistance with funeral service arrangements, please call 03 93294024 or click Contact Us above to meet with Gardenia Funeral Home

Mobile Funeral Planner

You may have seen the Gardenia Cars around town? Our team has embraced technology and taken it to New Limits, this means you do not even have to visit our Funeral Homes, we can do everything in the comfort of your own home, show case Flowers, Coffins, Tribute Products the list goes on, this means it does not matter where you are based you can utilise our services to carry out a Life Celebration with Gardenia Funeral home.