Gardenia Funerals constantly strives to find new and better ways to improve the funeral service experience for our families and to make things as easy as possible during a difficult time. Gardenia Funerals has moved away from the sombre black dress of the past. We’ve embraced new technology available to us today to provide a modern approach to Funerals and also Memorial services.

Our team are proud of the fact that we are consistently recommended by the families that we have helped over the years in honouring a persons life. It is truly a great honour to work within this industry and help families in Melbourne to create a tribute that really does Honour, Celebrate and pay Tribute to a life lived.

The values of Gardenia Funerals are those of being Consistent, Reliable, Honest and constantly Innovating our processes. Our team live and breathe these values as we go about the business of helping you arrange a heartfelt, meaningful goodbye to your loved one.

Tell us your story…

Gardenia Funerals truly believe that a life should be celebrated and that your final farewell should contain the opportunity to tell your story. To let your loved ones celebrate your life. To let the world know who you were.

People often ask “Why we do what we do” the answer is simple; we do what we do because we believe that every life is worth celebrating. We are proud to embrace traditional values, diversity, and innovation in honouring the spirit and life of each person we serve.