Best Celebration of Life Ideas!

We have compiled a list of the best celebration of life ideas. Our hope is that you are inspired to commemorate and remember the wonderful, amazing, and special person that your loved one was, both at the funeral or memorial service, and in the years to come.

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Below are some of our Life Celebrations Ideas for you to gain inspiration from.

  • Light a sky lantern with your loved one’s name on it and a message and release it at night. This could be done for a celebration of life service, or on another special occasion. If you have lost several family members, you could release a number of lanterns at once. (Be sure, however, to check if you need a permit to release a sky lantern, and do not release the lantern where it is a potential fire hazard. It is also important to note that many sky lanterns are not biodegradable and can pose serious threats to wildlife and the environment. If you’re considering a sky lantern release, make sure to opt for a biodegradable option.)
  • Plant a Tree in your loved one’s name. Select a sapling of her favourite type of tree, and plant it in a place that she loved. (The planting of a tree could be incorporated into a celebration of life service if you wish.)
  • Donate some of your loved one’s clothing or belongings to charity.
  • Wear your loved one’s favourite piece of jewellery.
  • Have a bracelet engraved with your loved one’s signature or how they hand wrote “I love you”. You can find the script to use from an old note or card that you’ve kept.
  • Get a tattoo of something that reminds you of your loved one. This might be your loved ones initials, favourite flower, favourite quote, or the dates of his birth and death.
  • Create a memorial quilt out of old photographs and patches of your loved one’s favourite clothing.
  • Create a recipe book with your loved one’s famous creations. You could include photographs of family gatherings around the dinner table.
  • Create a music playlist that reminds you of your loved one and puts a big smile on your face.
  • Donate your loved one’s favourite books to a school library with a beautiful certificate affixed on the inside cover that says: “This book was donated in loving memory of [your loved one’s name].
  • Create a “memory capsule” by placing things that remind you of your loved one in an air-tight container. Include items like treasured photographs, cards, books and other mementoes. Bury the memory capsule in the ground with a plan to dig it up in the future. You could also have a burial ceremony with family and friends, as well as a ceremony when the memory capsule is dug up. The burial of the memory capsule can also be included in a celebration of life service.
  • Host a celebration with family and friends on your loved one’s birthday or on the anniversary of his death to celebrate the wonderful life he or she lived.
  • On special family occasions, like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, set a place at the table for your loved one with a place card and leave the spot empty.
  • Create a tribute video on your computer that incorporates your favourite photos of your loved one set to his or her favourite music. You can ask family members and friends to contribute their favourite photos as well. You can also give a copy of the video to your guests. Call Gardenia Funerals to help with this project
  • Create a simple bracelet or necklace out of your loved one’s wedding band.
  • Visit your loved one’s favourite European city and put a lock on a lock bridge. The lock could have his initials engraved on it, along with the date of birth and the date of death.
  • Make an ornament with your loved one’s photo on it for the Christmas tree.
  • Turn dried funeral flowers into beads, and assemble the beads into a memorial bracelet that you can wear.
  • Write a letter or poem to your loved one. Express what he or she meant to you, the difference he or she made to your life, and how much you miss him or her.Write on the envelope a date for opening and reading the letter or poem, and keep the letter in a safe place in the meantime.
  • Visit your loved one’s favourite place and leave a rose or favourite flower there, along with a note:“[Deceased’s name] loved this place and was happiest here. May [he/she] rest in peace.”
  • Make wind chimes in honour of your loved one so that when you hear them in a breeze, you think of him or her. You can hang ceramic photographs in your wind chime to personalise it.
  • Create a bookmark with your loved one’s name, photograph or favourite quote on it. This would make a lovely gift for guests to a celebration of life service.
  • Make a memory candle for your loved one.You can make this for yourself or for guests to a celebration of life service.
  • Practice mindful meditation. Sit in a quiet place and contemplate how lucky you were to have known your loved one. Focus on your breathing.