Know About Cremation Services

Everything You Need to Know About Cremation Services

The last thing you want on a special memorial day for a deceased loved one is incorrect cremation services that render the remains unidentifiable. When you love someone, you expect your funeral home to take extra care of your departed loved one. You know that grieving for a loss is tragic enough; how much more so when negligence in the cremation service is involved? 

Hence it is critical to ensure you are paying the correct price for quality cremation services. While there are many available cremation services in Melbourne, few are trustworthy enough to recognise that honouring the dead is a “one-of-a-kind tribute that captures the passions and triumphs of a singular individual.”  

If your undertaker does not understand this, it is possible that your deceased loved one will be cremated incorrectly. To avoid this, be aware and vigilant! And begin by learning the fundamentals of cremation services. 

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What is cremation?

Before going deep, you should understand what cremation is. Cremation is one of the options for the final disposition of a deceased body, which is burning the body to turn it into ashes.  

This method is becoming more popular because you can turn ashes into an urn, and families who are left can decide what to do with their loved one’s ashes.  

How does cremation work?

The morticians or undertakers are the people who perform the cremation process. However, before you sign up for one, ensure they can fulfil your wishes. It is absurd to make a reservation with them when they do not provide quality cremation services.  

Hence, always know the proper steps when selecting the best funeral planner. After guaranteeing you have the right funeral team, let’s review the prerequisites of cremation services in Melbourne. 


The cremation industry must confirm the body’s identity before the process to avoid body transfer.  

Following confirmation, the crematory begins the legal process of authorising the procedure, which entails legal paperwork and official permission to proceed.   

Note that each state has different rules for cremation services. Thus, make sure to follow the rules established by your local officials. 

Body Preparation 

Aside from standard body cleaning, every accessory worn by the deceased is removed, except for items requested to remain with the body. While requests are permitted, they are still under review to see if they fall under industry-approved categories. That is due to the possibility of a reaction occurring while the body is cremated.  

After the body has been prepared, morticians will place it in an empty combustible vessel. 

Cremation Chamber 

When the body is ready, the undertaker places it in a cremation retort and exposes it to a burning heat of up to 1,000 °C, rendering it ashes. Following that, a cooling process occurs to reduce the scorching heat from the remains.  

In addition, the mortician uses a cremulator to ensure a finer consistency of the remained fragments of the deceased body. 

Finalising Remains 

The remains are thoroughly inspected to avoid metal remnants. 

Transfer of Ashes 

The final step is up to the wishes of the deceased’s family. The undertaker should honour your requests if you want the remains in an urn. 

Cremation Services Procedure

How long does the cremation procedure take? 

Depending on the size and weight of the body, flame cremation typically takes 2-3 hours, and liquid cremation can take up to 16 hours.

Cremation Services Near Me: Which option is best for you?

One common misconception about cremation is that it cannot accommodate funeral services such as a church funeral. This is understandable, given that most families have traditionally attended casket and religion-inspired funeral services. However, many people are unaware that cremation provides more options for memorial services.   

At Gardenia Funerals, we have unique rites of passage options relevant to quality cremation services. And here they are:  

  • Unattended Cremation Services: A personal tribute for the deceased.   
  • Private Family Goodbye: Maximum of 20 persons in attendance, primarily closed-family related.  
  • Chapel Cremation Package: The funeral takes place in a chapel.  
  • Church Cremation Package: The full service is held in a church.

What are some examples of wrongful cremation?

Now that you have a general understanding of the cremation process, let us move on to the misbehaviour of cremation services.   

  • Loss of remains;  
  • A mixture of ashes of multiple bodies;  
  • Mislabeling of identity;  
  • Unfinished cremation process;   
  • Illegal body parts selling; and  
  • Overcharging.   

Remember that even if you understand the process, there are still wise scammers who may defraud you. And while you believe them, the last thing you notice is their wrongful cremation after you paid them in total—what a terrible experience! 

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