Final Flight

Final Flight


A truly memorable fireworks display is a wonderful way to commemorate the life of someone special.

Gardenia Funerals work in conjunction with Geelong Fireworks to help make your loved one’s passing a happier occasion and more of a ‘celebration of life’ where family and friends can remember someone as they were in life.

A fireworks display can be large or small, loud and spectacular or quiet and beautiful; whatever would suit the person in mind.

Let us know something about the individual’s character and their favourite colours and we will inject their personality into the design of the fireworks display.

 We can also disperse the funeral ashes using the actual fireworks in the show.

To organise and prepare a celebration of life display we need a minimum of 14 days notice, and if the funeral ashes are to be scattered by the fireworks, we will need the ashes 7 days before to prepare the fireworks.

The venue chosen for the wake must be suitable for a fireworks display to be held safely, but Geelong Fireworks will carry out a free site visit and full risk assessment to ensure fireworks are possible.

Geelong Fireworks work with our clients to help provide a stunning event with a breathtaking array of beautiful colours and designs and to create a fitting tribute. Their qualified, trained technicians will take care of all the details for you and will handle your display and its preparation in a caring, respectful and professional manner.

You may not wish to have the ashes scattered, and prefer a tribute fireworks show without this option. The choice is yours.