Funeral Stationery


A funeral service is a very personal event and people will often have very different requirements. We will do everything we can to ensure that your needs are met and that you can arrange the funeral you want for your loved one.

Orders of Service

An Order of Service can include hymns, songs, poems, readings, a photograph or anything else you would like added for the funeral services. It is helpful for mourners and can be sent to people who cannot attend the service.

It becomes a special memory of a loved one to keep forever, for you, your family, and friends who came to say goodbye.

Choosing a design

The design, along with the wording, can be interchanged as required. All are printed to a very high standard on quality card. You may wish to add a photograph(s), emblem, badge, special text etc. to create a unique and lasting tribute. Additional Products As well as the Order of Service, we also offer a full range of matching stationery. These are shown for each design and include: large and small Books of Condolence, Encapsulated Bookmarks, Memorial Cards and Attendance Cards. We also offer Religious and Non-Religious Keepsake Cards as well as Canvas Prints.

Want to have a go at creating your own Stationery?

Printed Tribute Items –

Have you thought about creating a bespoke tribute product yourself? is a fantastic tool at making a high level print-ready product.

Simply follow these 5 steps:

1. Create a free account and log in.

2. Selecting a design template that you would like to customise. – in the sear bar type “Funeral Programme”

3. Drag and drop photos.

4. Edit text and select additional design features as you wish.

5. Export your design to PDF format, ready for printing.

Here is a link to get you started:

A printed funeral program will typically include:

It can also come in the form of a pamphlet, which is popular among friends and families who want a simpler touch. Funeral bookmarks printed with quotes and prayers are also a great way to commemorate your loved one.

Whatever form your printed funeral booklet takes, its intent is to remember the deceased fondly and to celebrate the life they once lived on Earth. Funeral programs are a tangible representation of the good memories they have shared, making it easier for the people suffering the loss to remember the service and their loved ones for years to come.

Why Do You Need A Funeral Booklet Or Funeral Program?

More than anything, these items act as a keepsake for friends and loved ones. More intricate funeral programs have photos, memories, and anecdotes gathered from colleagues and family to exhibit the best moments of the person’s early and later life.

Having a printed funeral program also ties the service together and ensures that everything will be done according to the program. Most families include the order of service as well as the eulogy in the booklet as a way to make guests feel more in touch with the ceremony.

Decide What You Want To Include

After gathering everything, from photos to hobbies to sentiments of gratitude from guests, it’s time to compile your information into a printed funeral booklet or keepsake. This is to ensure that the booklet remains personalised to fit the service they have organised.

Create the Funeral Order of Service

Now it’s time to decide the program or the order of service. This dictates the flow of the service to keep the the ceremony mainstream. There is no strict format to copy but it usually goes as follows:

  • A musical procession begins and the family members and other attendees assemble
  • A speaker, usually a religious leader or a family member, begins with opening remarks and a brief introduction
  • Songs, poems, and prayers are read and performed
  • Select friends and family share their memories and its chronological order is detailed in the service
  • Group prayers and songs are performed
  • Closing remarks are delivered by family members or the religious leader

Before finalising the order of service, don’t forget to consult the venue or place of worship. Some practices may not be observed by the venue so you better make sure to finalise with them before sending your program for printing.

Design And Print

After finalising all the content, it’s time to think about the finished piece. Memorial and Funeral booklets can come in all shapes in sizes, the most common ones being A4 and A5 booklets. There are no set page numbers for these things – you can create one with just one page or 20 pages.

Gardenia Funerals can also print your artwork, just email a PDF copy to

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