Memories Tables

Memories Tables are a great way to set up an atmosphere at a funeral with no additional costs involved. Having a table that contains a number of the deceased’s personal items is also a great conversation starter and ice breaker. Most venues for funerals are not personalised spaces which often contain generic furniture and prints on the walls. By taking the time to set up a Memories Table it will make people at ease and provide a more relaxed atmosphere for people to reflect on the times they have shared with the deceased. Stories will simply flow so too some tears!

Recently we conducted a funeral and the family gathered about 20 items all representing different aspects of their Father’s life. It was great watching people come up to the table as it brought back so many happy memories. They gathered symbols that represented his life. They had a framed photo of the him with his wife and a recent photo taken at his 80th birthday which included all his 12 immediate family members, a race guide, a pack of cards, bottle of wine, his golf clubs and a pen that his parents gave him at his 21st birthday. They also gathered some of his polo shirts (all in different colours) because he was known as ‘Polo Pete’. Those in attendance took their time to reflect on the items prior to the funeral starting and the family had a sand bowl in front of his memory table and at the beginning of the service family members lit candles in his honour. It was a great way for Pete’s family and friends to reflect on how he lived his life and what had influenced his life. It was also great to see so many in attendance wearing polo shirts!

Let me know what items you envisage your family would select for your Memories Table.