New Technology – eTributes Funeral Notices

Over recent times a number of online technologies have emerged so when we launched our new website we introduced eTributes for our clients and I am really glad we did now that I am seeing our client families engaging with them. eTributes provides the opportunity for family and friends to come together online to remember and share their memories, stories, photos and videos. When families have a DVD Tribute or Printed Tributes we also add these to the the eTribute. We can even link the deceased’s social media profiles when required.

eTributes is a great place to visit and reflect on the person being remembered and for those who are unable to attend the funeral (for whatever reason) have a place to visit. People who are interstate or overseas find eTributes a great way to stay connected and support the family given they are not actually physically able to attend the funeral.

eTributes is also a place for the family to visit after the funeral and reflect on the messages and post their own additional stories and photos.

One of the hidden benefits of an online memorial is that the family are often exposed to stories or photos of their loved one that they hadn’t heard or seen before and this can be uplifting for them and assist with the grieving process. eTributes encourages communication and expression of your grief. It is the perfect outlet to express exactly how you are feeling regardless of how raw your emotions are.

Take a look at our sample eTribute here or our eTributes video and let me know what you think. Do you have any thoughts on how it can be improved?